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Virtual Production Studio Terms and Conditions

By booking a session or subscribing to our membership, you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined below. These policies are designed to ensure a professional and enjoyable experience for all clients. For any questions or concerns, please contact us directly.

General Terms for All Customers
  1. Studio Policies

    • No drugs or smoking on the property (up to $500 fine).

    • Wipe dirty shoes before entering ($100 repaint fee for damage).

    • No personal speakers ($50 noise complaint fine).

    • Maximum of four people in the studio.

    • Do not wear green clothing.

    • Do not touch the camera or camera robot.

    • Put all trash in the trash can.

    • Keep the studio door closed at all times.

    • Avoid standing on the curve of the green screen or touching the back wall.

    • Food and drinks are allowed.

    • Rescheduling the time your session starts is free if done more than 3 hours before the scheduled start time.

    • Not rescheduling more than 3 hours before and or arriving more than one hour late will result in a forced date reschedule.

    • Anything broken will be charged to your card.

    • VPS will not offer refunds on anything once the session has begun.

    • All content captured/created at VPS may be used for promo.

    • No free revisions after you have left the studio.

    • Invoices must be paid before receiving final content.

    • Unpaid invoice's projects will be held for up to six months, accruing a storage fee of $100 per month.

  2. Content Ownership and Usage

    • All content created at VPS may be used for promotional purposes by VPS.

    • We may post behind-the-scenes footage and may alter the audio and video versions before posting compared to the version given to the client.

    • No free revisions will be provided once you have left the studio.

    • Environments purchased before will be free and may be reused, as well as any other asset or project file created or purchased for any project.

Terms for One-Off Customers
  1. Booking Fee and Payment

    • A $100 booking fee is required to secure your session.

    • The remaining balance for production and environment costs is due at the end of your session.

    • Invoices must be paid to receive final project. Unpaid projects will be held for up to six months, accruing a storage fee of $100 per month.

    • One-off projects will be held until the final payment is received.

  2. Cancellations & Reschedules

    • Cancellations must be made at least 72 hours before the session start time to be eligible for a refund of half the booking fee ($50)

    • Cancellations made between 72 hours before and 12:00 AM EST the day of session are eligible for a refund of a quarter of the booking fee ($25).

    • Cancellations made the same day of your session will not be refunded.

    • One-off session date reschedule fee = $50 

Terms for Subscribers
  1. Membership Benefits

    • Membership plans offer up to five pieces of content per session.

    • Consistent content creation with a guaranteed operator available from our team on the day of your session or your session cost will be refunded.

    • Subscribers can book additional sessions each month at the month-to-month price for that city.

    • The $100 per session rate requires booking the maximum amount of months upfront.

  2. Booking and Payment for Subscribers

    • Subscribers do not pay the $100 booking fee. Their sessions are pre-scheduled to the same date of the month each month.

    • The cost of the environment is due at the end of each session, invoiced separately.

  3. Cancellations and Rescheduling for Subscribers

    • Subscribers can sell or give away their session to someone else if they cannot make their scheduled date. Subscriber must notify owner of VPS first.

    • Subscribers can give up their session without getting anything back.

    • Subscribers are allowed one refund every six months (excluding the first and second month of subscription).

    • A $50 fee applies to reschedule a subscriber's session to any date in the same month.

    • Missed sessions do not roll over and add up.

  4. Content Limitations

    • Exact content allowances of content for subscribers are available at this link.

    • Allowances are subject to change, potentially allowing more content for the price or imposing limits.​

  5. Session Rules

    • Follow all on-site instructions from the VPS team to ensure a smooth session.

    • Any violations of studio policies may result in immediate termination of your session without a refund.

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