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clothing guide:
use this chart to choose what to wear to your session

You must COMPLETE THIS SESSION FORM before each session STARTS:

los angeles:


tap this to see environments

(non-free environments cost will need to be reimbursed at checkout, unless we have previously used, environments may be reused)

how to get to therE:
$50 date reschedule fee
anything broken will be charged to your card
no smoking/drugs on property (up to $1000 fine)

be ready to Wipe dirty shoes ($100 repaint fee)

No personal speakers ($50 noise complaints FIne)

one-off session cancelation max refund = half your deposit

vps will not offer refunds on anything once session has begun

one-off projects will be held until final payment is sent

unpaid projects will be held for 6 months @ $100/month

all content captured/created at vps may be used for promo

4 people max in studio

do not wear green

no free revisions after you have left the studio

Do not touch camera, or camera robot

Put all trash in the trash can

Keep door closed at all times

Don’t stand on the curve of the green screen

Don’t touch the back wall of the green screen

please watch this video to
prepare for your session:


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